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A unique product that leverages the flexibility and agility available to you as an individual investor. The strategy is focused on winning by not losing; i.e. matching or even under-performing the market during the upswings but significantly reducing the severity and duration of large drawdowns. The portfolios use a combination of stock and options strategies to match the prevailing market mood and economic environment. Portfolio sizes are kept lean and nimble to provide easy maneuverability and align with your risk appetite. Result: More returns, less risk!

Portfolio Types
We offer several types of portfolios tailored for different investment objectives:

  1. Plus: For conservative investors. Out-performs AGG with a maximum drawdown (MDD) of 20% and an annual income over 4%.
  2. Silver and Momentum: Ideal for moderate investors. Matches the returns of SPY, with a MDD of 25% and an annual income over 5%.
  3. Gold: For aggressive investors. Exceeds the returns of SPY, with a MDD of 35% and an annual income over 6%.

These portfolios are powered by OptionMaximizer, our proprietary analysis engine, which drives the portfolios to maximum returns for the prevailing economic climate and market mood. We invest in benchmark ETFs and ETFs with price momentum created by institutional investors. When the momentum wanes, we switch into alternative ETFs with higher momentum. These ETFs have high volume, high liquidity, up cycles that span several months, and low momentum prediction errors. Option strategies and dividends generate income. Our strategies are periodically refined to maintain their efficacy. All portfolios provide good liquidity and full transparency.

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  3. Replicate the positions in your portfolio. Sit back, relax, and watch your portfolio grow.

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Parameter (2022-01-14) Gold SPY
Portfolio Value $507,452.92 $423,583.67
Gain / Loss (%) 407.45% 323.58%
Annual Rate of Return (ARR) 12.26% 10.83%
Maximum Drawdown 22.21% 51.88%
Calmar Ratio 0.55 0.21
Beta 0.30 1.00
Alpha 8.98% 0.00%